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Parental Rights

The Alabama Supreme Court recently clarified a previous decision regarding the termination of parental rights. A mother moved the juvenile court to terminate the father’s parental rights due to his abandonment. She did not allege that the child was dependent, delinquent, or in need of supervision which is clearly stated in the code to invoke the court’s jurisdiction. The Supremes reasoned that it was the intent of the legislature to give the juvenile court exclusive jurisdiction over all terminations of parental rights when the present code was merged with a former code. Therefore, any party seeking to terminate parental rights for any reason should look to the juvenile court. See, Supreme Court of Alabama, October Term, 2014-2015, 1130250, In re: A.H. v. B.C., Limestone Juvenile Court, JU-13-25.01; Court of Civil Appeals, 2120877.