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Wrongful Death Actions

If you’re going to bring a wrongful death action in AL, you must be the executor or administrator of the deceased’s estate. Recent AL Supreme Ct. cases make it clear that not even a spouse or child of the deceased can bring the suit otherwise. Even a lapse of time between being appointed and the two year statute of limitations will bar the suit. See Northstar Anesthesia v. Noble, 1141158, and Providence Hospital v. Howard, 1150363, both issued 07/15/2016.

Abortion clinics don’t have to be surgical centers and doctors don’t have to have hospital admitting privileges.

US Supreme Court strikes down Texas state law requiring abortion clinics to meet surgical center requirements and abortion doctors to have hospital admitting privileges. Several other states, including Alabama, have similar laws. The Court noted that abortion is generally a very safe procedure with fewer deaths than many more common procedures not subject to the same requirements. Furthermore, Texas already required clinics to have arrangements with doctors who¬†have admitting privileges. Thus, the law put unnecessary obstacles in the way of women seeking abortions. See Whole Woman’s Health v. Texas, Oct. Term 2015, No. 15-274.

This is our first blog. Annette and I have never blogged, so it may take a while to get the hang of this. But here goes. Davis & Crain is adding Immigration law as a new practice area. We hope to serve the many people seeking to get legal residency for their relatives. We can help with applications for Green Cards. We will continue to provide legal assistance to those seeking relief under the Bankuuptcy Code, especially Chapter 7 and 13, and those denied disability benefits by Social Security.